Option 1:

The programme provides to students a complete educational courses for a career as a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AMEL) certified by HCAA under EASA regulations. The courses in the programme covers all the required knowledge under the category of B1.1 and/or B2.

The AMEL programme is the modular subjects (Module 1 to Module 17) comprises of theoretical class lectures, workshops practical tasks, field visiting trips and module paper examinations. All trainees can perform after their modular studies On-Job-Training (OJT) in aviation industry with one of our group of companies in aircraft line maintenance in Greece, to complete the programme without awaiting more years to be licensed.

The criteria to become LAME is through passing the approved 13 module exams (for B1.1) which covers 2400 learning hours (theory and practical), and a 2-year On-Job-Training.

Once completed this programme, trainees will be able to be issued their Basic License and will continue in getting type approval on various types of aircrafts. They are now Licensed Aircraft Engineers, the pillar people on ensuring the serviceability for the aircrafts to fly safely and legally.

Option 2:

Participating in Part-147 approved Examinations only