Central Office accommodation is provided for Instructors/Examiners and Assessors, to ensure that they can prepare for their duties without undue distraction or discomfort.

Theoretical training facilities are fully enclosed accommodation, separate from other facilities, is provided for the instruction of theory and the conduct of knowledge examination as necessary. Accommodation environment is maintained at a light, noise and temperature/humidity level such that trainees are able to concentrate on their studies or examination as appropriate, without undue distraction or discomfort.

Each classroom is equipped with a projector connected to a PC or a Laptop ensuring that trainees can easily read presentation text, drawings, diagrams and figures from any seating position in the classroom.

All classrooms can be configured for a capacity of fifteen (15) trainees

Practical Training Facilities are carried out on aircraft in EASA Part-145 maintenance and/or classrooms at customers’ facilities. The organisation may also carry out training in any other appropriate facilities qualified under MTOE

Training Material Library room, containing all technical material appropriate to the scope and the level of the training courses provided.